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When preparing to sell your property there are a few things to consider to ensure you achieve your ideal outcome. Solid Bricks Real Estate is committed to smoothly guiding you through the procedure. You can get started with the information below, and our agents can fill in the blanks.

Sale Method

When considering the sale of a property, there are two techniques to think about, and deciding which is best for you will depend on the following factors:

  1. Location of the property
  2. Presence of comparable homes in the neighborhood
  3. Demand from buyers for a specific type of property
  4. Market circumstances
  5. Your situation


An auction is a public event where the item is sold to the bidder who makes the highest offer equal to or greater than your reserve price. An auction sale is a cash-only, unconditional contract with no right of withdrawal. This method can make the sale feel urgent.

Unrestricted Offers

There is no grace period for unrestricted offers. You, as the seller, get to establish the settlement date and necessary deposit terms. This method allows you to weigh proposals before accepting a bid.

Private Purchase

The most typical mode of sale employed in our market is a private treaty sale. This method involves direct, confidential discussions with potential buyers. It is generally less intimidating for purchasers and provides the possibility of considering conditional bids, such as those pending financial approval. Additionally, it offers the opportunity to negotiate with all parties involved and has the potential to produce many offers. The time frame for a private purchase is flexible, allowing you to set a firm sale date whenever desired.

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